Finding practical solutions to everyday problems

While he was always drawn to math and physics in school, Theo Leung says it was his engineering education that helped him see how he could apply theory in tangible and practical ways.

“The engineering field has practical solutions to problems,” says Theo, a Project Manager and Partner with Lauren Services in Vancouver for almost four years. “Seeing your projects and your work come into life, that’s exciting for me.”

As a Project Manager, Theo says the core aspects of his job include drafting out the initial proposal for the client, which includes engineering services scope, budget, selection of the team, and then drafting of the schedule. He also makes sure everyone on the project team receives the timely information they need to perform their role, answers questions as they come up, and basically keeps “all the moving parts” on track. The job comes with a lot of responsibility, but Theo says it keeps him motivated.

“That’s what you enjoy, being able to put in the hours and solve the problems that nobody else could at that time,” he says.

Theo believes Lauren Services is entering an exciting new phase of growth and development with a lot of great team effort through the challenges of the global pandemic.

“I believe in our people and the growth we are seeing,” he says. “We are also moving into other sectors, and that’s very exciting to be part of.”

When he’s not managing projects, Theo says his love for transforming theory into practical spills over into his hobbies like playing the guitar. “I’m kind of into the gear and the amplifications, what kind of pick-ups are used,” he says.



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