The Lauren Foundations

What is it like to
work with Lauren?

This is something we ask ourselves, and something that drives the decision-making and growth at our company.

We strive to be: Nimble. Honest. Diverse. Accountable.

We are nimble, to keep our customers happy. Plans change, things happen. We pride ourselves on our ability to move and pivot quickly. A successful project for you requires us to be efficient. We’ve worked to create an efficient, high performance work style we think you’ll love.

We are honest, we do right by our partners and people. Change, growth and success are fuelled by honesty and transparency in everything that we do. Integrity guides our decisions within our office walls, with our partners and with our clients. Being upfront, transparent, proactive and accountable for our actions we can build longer and stronger relationships to foster success.

We are diverse, bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas to our work. We believe in creating safe workspaces, projects and sites, that ensures an environment where everyone thrives. By listening, learning, hiring and working with people from a wide array of backgrounds, experience levels and talents, we’ll foster diversity in our own company and those of our partners.

We are accountable, delivering the quality that Lauren is known for. We take pride in our work, and we back it with quality people. Regular, continuous training means we’re always current. We exist to provide value to our customers and the people who work for us. It’s just part of what drives our culture forward.

Our livelihood depends on the new relationships we create, and the existing ones we nurture. Whether it’s our partners, or the people we hire, we want lasting connections, strong collaboration and rewarding experiences for everyone involved.


To provide
exceptional project
delivery services
that drive success
for our clients.


The leader in
project delivery.