The power of team communications.

Dustin Edgren is optimistic about the growth and diversification plans that are gaining traction at Lauren Services, but it didn’t happen overnight. The key to pushing forward through major shifts in the market, economic turbulence and a global pandemic? Building a passionate team aligned to the same values and purpose.

“Communications is number one,” says Dustin, Operations Manager with the Lauren Services team in Vancouver. “I consider it to be the number one skill we need to have. It’s paramount to what we do.”

He says delivering superior quality engineering projects to market requires a team with a high level of trust, transparency and respect – for the client, the deliverable, and the other specialists working on the project.

“When everyone feels they’re part of the team they’re more willing to put all hands on deck and really pull it off for the client,” he says. “The second job is our greatest complement with the client, and I think everyone at Lauren understands that.”

A graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Engineering program, Dustin has never forgotten the value placed on living up to your word that was so much a part of small town life while he was growing up in Nelson.

While the Vancouver team has grown considerably over the past five years, recruitment has focused on ensuring the balance between talent and softer skills like engagement, communication and accountability. Today the team is taking that winning combination into new and evolving markets such as renewable energy, mining, ports and upland terminals.

“I’m optimistic about the future of Lauren Services,” Edgren says.

With offices in Calgary and Vancouver, Lauren Services delivers dynamic performance and intelligent design across the entire suite of engineering services.