Lauren Services makes sure all our clients’ procurement needs are met with top-quality materials, equipment, and services. From start to finish, our Procurement team ensures that each project’s purchasing requirements remain on-budget and on-schedule, from the RFQ/RFP stage to project close-out—and every stage in between. 

Lauren offers full-service procurement and contract management services: applying earned value management principles using Rules of Credit Scorecards for monitoring the procurement activities for purchase orders and contract by work hours for total progress measurement in purchasing and contracts; Level of Effort (LOE) activities such as management, supervision, expediting, logistics, materials management, and inspections are measured and reported against detailed LOE Resource Plans. 

Our multi-disciplinary procurement professionals manage the entire procurement progress for any size or type of project – from the first engineering requisition through managing delivery of materials and equipment to the job site, as well as all activities through to project close-out. We have built our reputation on taking the stress out of the procurement process.

Procurement Services

  •       Purchasing
  •       Expediting
  •       Materials management 
  •       Third-party inspection coordination
  •       Logistics
  •       Contract negotiation, formation, and administration

Procurement Methods

  •      Owner direct purchasing
  •      As agent on behalf of customer
  •      Zero-dollar account 
  •      Consultant / Contractor as part of contract