Pipeline & Facility Integrity Engineering

Our team of Pipeline Integrity and Facility engineers have the proven experience to support small and large pipelines and facilities in even the most challenging terrain.

We support existing programs and integrity teams at larger companies, and we are also nimble and flexible enough to be a good partner for smaller and mid-size upstream and midstream players seeking custom-built services.  Our work begins with developing a thorough understanding of the unique aspects and history of the infrastructure under review. This determines the right approach, technologies, variety of testing, specialized personnel, and data required to develop and implement an integrity plan. We’ve got you covered from start to finish and all points in between. 

Our Sample Projects

Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.

  • Salvus to Galloway
  • AC Mitigation PM Support
  • Lachmach Leak Repair
  • Lachmach Slide Repair
  • Kitimat Lateral Abandonment IFAB

Pembina Pipeline Cut-out/Replacement


  • RGT Abandonments - Pointed Mountain
  • Kiskatinaw Geohazard Mitigation
  • South Taylor Slide
  • Marion Road - Additional Depth Cover Replacement
  • 8AL1 Cutout and Sleeve Repairs
  • Grizzly Pipeline Abandonments
  • Transmountain Enbridge Crossings
  • Cathodic Protection Program PE Support
  • Westcoast 8 Mile Creek (Unstable slope mitigation)

Our Supporting Services Include:

  • Pipeline and Facility Assets Management
  • Development of Pipeline and Facility Integrity Management Program/Manual/ Procedures
  • Pipeline life Cycle Management
  • Risk-Based Inspection
  • Threat Identification, Assessment and Management
  • Baseline Inspection
  • Inspection Interval Management
  • In-Line Inspection Management
  • Fit-for-Service Assessment
  • Pipeline Integrity Dig/Excavation - Planning and Management
  • Non-Destructive Examination – Planning and Management
  • Assessment of Digs Results and Findings
  • Pipeline and Facility Repair Engineering
  • Assessment and Review for Inspection Results/Findings
  • Safety and Loss Management Systems
  • Pipeline and Facility Risk Assessment
  • Damage and Leak Prevention
  • Facility Integrity Assessment and Engineering
  • Regulatory and Third-party Audit Support
  • Engineering Assessment
  • Pipeline and Facility record and document management
  • Failure and Damage Investigation
  • Degradation Manuals

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