Project excellence begins with understanding the client

Aug 10, 2022

When Fletcher Evans looks at the Lauren Services project management team, he sees a group of talented individuals dedicated to delivering the same level of project excellence that has set the engineering services firm apart for the past three decades. Vice-president of project delivery at Lauren, Evans says the company has earned a reputation for being highly flexible, quick to adapt to changing conditions on the ground, and steadfast in its “on time, on budget” credo. 

“Our clients, when they have a problem, our mission and our vision is for us to be on the other end of the phone call. That means they trust us,” he explains.

The company created pillars many years ago to guide every aspect of its growth, business development, and client success. The Lauren Foundations – to be nimble, honest, diverse, and accountable – underline everything the company does, from supporting emerging talent to carving out exciting opportunities in dynamic and rapidly evolving areas such as non-traditional energy. At the core, however, is a unanimous effort to understand the unique needs of every client and every project.

“We don't want to be a big red tape company that is bound by all our procedures,” Evans says. “We want to be able to deliver what the client wants when they want it, how they want it. One of the aspects that Lauren really focuses on is our client management. We go to our clients, we get into their problems. We get into their projects, and we give them recommendations.”

Over the years, Lauren has also established proprietary methods and processes that ensure compliance and costs and scheduling remain on track regardless of shifting conditions on the ground. Evans refers to this suite of best practices as ‘the Lauren Way’.

“We as project managers and project engineers, it's about schedule, schedule, schedule. We can be given a schedule saying we want something in a week or two weeks or three weeks, whatever it is.
We're not just going to agree to it and say, yeah let's do this. We're going to look at the milestones, look at the constraints and build out a schedule that the project managers trust. And that's the key thing, we all buy in upfront to the schedule, and I'm not just talking the Lauren teams, I'm talking to the client at the same time.”

Communication is at the heart of every client relationship and every successful project. Being responsive to urgent issues and solving problems during high-stakes emergencies has also earned Lauren a strong reputation for reliability. Evans says the Lauren leadership team believes the key to fostering a high-performance team is in supporting healthy balance across work and personal lives.

Evans is excited about the future, fuelled by momentum and growth across multiple sectors.

“I'm really excited where Lauren is going. We definitely have the right people in place, our ideas, our processes, the way we handle our clients. It's going to be a great next several years. We're just getting started.”


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