Salvus To Galloway (S2g) Pipeline Remediation Project

Client Name

Pacific Northern Gas (PNG)

Lauren Disciplines

Project Management, Construction Management, Contract Management, Integrity Engineering, Field Engineering and Regulatory support

Project Management

Fletcher Evans


Lauren Services partnered with Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. (PNG), who own and operate the gas transmission pipeline transporting natural gas from Summit Lake to Prince Rupert in British Columbia.

The project was of high importance due to the crucial supply of natural gas for residents of Prince Rupert to maintain living conditions including household heating, cooking, and power generation. In addition to the critical nature of the project, the task itself came with hazards as each dig involved excavating a discrete section of pipe and testing and repairing pipe anomalies or defects (i.e. dents, pitting, etc.). A helicopter or jet boat were often required to gain site access, which was limited by weather, geohazards and permit restrictions throughout the project.

The management team was in constant communication for the  deployment of crews (pipeline, NDE, welding, inspection) to maintain progress and safety, especially when nature was unpredictable. Lauren’s team was well equipped with the safety procedures for accessing remote areas and effectively excavating areas to limit disruption of natural gas during repairs and “integrity digs”.

Lauren enlisted the support of external subject matter experts to ensure the complex repairs were viewed by multiple experts to guaran nothing was missed.


“Pipeline remediation projects are required to reduce environmental and health risks caused by the infrastructure of existing pipelines. I was extremely proud of the Lauren team for identifying the challenges in the planning phases and continuing to adapt as the project progressed. Safety protocols and work on the 8” pipeline between Terrace and Prince Rupert compromised of four separate segments, and required six years of undivided attention.” 

Fletcher Evans, vice-president project delivery, Lauren Services

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